Hong Kong Diaries: Breakfast at Wan Chai

04.29.12. I woke up hoping that some sunshine would peer on my window but it was rather a wet morning in HKG. I thought this was a better option than waking up with a burnt-down hotel. Since they did not have any breakfast offered and drinks at Lan Kwai Fong are not good alternative to coffee, I took the train and went to explore another familiar area: Wan Chai, hoping for a decent breakfast. This was where we stayed during my first trip to Hong Kong and I remember the nice breakfasts we had in a small restaurant on the side of the street with Chinese only menu. Particularly, I was craving for steamed BBQ pork buns (char siu). I just couldn’t remember where the place was exactly in Wan Chai so that presented an adventure itself on my first morning in HKG.

Woke up with some raindrops on my small hotel room window instead of sunshine. The residence in front view looked like a dollhouse.

I took the MTR from Central to Wan Chai and noticed that there were several Filipinos hanging outside the station. Even overheard a Pinay cursed in Tagalog on the phone, she must not be the best person to ask where I could find those pork buns.

I found myself exploring alleys leading to a public market. I passed by several restaurants offering breakfast but didn't see the BBQ pork buns on the menu or displayed outside. However, I found the baked version in a Chinese bakery and ate one and this didn't live up to the expectations of the steamed version.

Several minutes later, I still couldn't find the steamed BBQ pork buns and I was desperate for coffee already. So I ended up having a back-to-back McDonald's meal, dinner last night, then breakfast. I ordered this soup and it wasn't a happy meal for me.

Perhaps the consolation of going to this neighborhood walk was seeing the trams. I went back to my hotel after and started preparing for the checkout.

Standard check out at the Mini Hotel was early at 11AM. Before going to Kowloon area for the other hotel I booked, I asked them to keep my things so I could spend some time on what I do better and the weather cooperated.

Around 1PM, I made it to my hotel in Tsim Tsa Tsui. This bed welcomed me and for the first time since I arrived in HKG, I felt like I was on vacation.


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2 Responses to “Hong Kong Diaries: Breakfast at Wan Chai”

  1. Stifany Says:

    there goes the macaroni soup with the burger meat! i really don’t get it… haha…

    when i saw your bed in the last photo… my reaction is…. “awwwwwwwwww”….. finally!!! i can see a start of a good turn out of things… hehehe…

    • jpcanaria Says:

      I think it would be the same reaction for them if they see our fried chicken with rice and gravy! šŸ˜€ It was a really nice hotel, next post will be about that šŸ™‚

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